Frequently asked questions...


What are arch supports?

Arch supports are specially designed foot devices that are worn inside the shoe. Our arch supports are biomechanically designed to position the bones, ligaments, muscles and tendons of the foot.

How do I know if I need arch supports?

Arch supports may help you if you have foot pain or discomfort caused by a biomechanical imbalance such as flat feet or high arches.  If your job requires you to be on your feet constantly, arch supports may help your posture. Some common foot problems can also be addressed by using arch supports.

How are your arch supports different from custom-made devices?

A custom made, or accommodative device, while helpful, will not train your feet to support your body’s full weight on its arches, as it should. Custom made devices are based on a plaster cast or foam impression made from your foot. If your feet are structurally compromised, then the device that is being cast will to some degree reflect this deficiency.  Our arch supports provide the shape of an idealized foot for yours to copy.  So called custom devices are often based on one of four basic types of inserts (called blanks), that are then posted (material is added to the arch support) or heated and twisted to follow the cast made from your foot.

How are your arch supports different from drug or department store products?

Buying an arch support from a drug or department store, or catalog will most times be as effective as throwing your money out the window. 

Arch supports from a drug or department store are often designed to fit more than one shoe size.  That means that they will generally not have a support for the metatarsal arch – because it is critical that support for that arch be in the right place.  Correct placement is not possible over a range of 2 to 4 shoe sizes.  What you get will be little more than cushioning.

What about Television or the Internet?

Arch supports from the internet or television are also done by shoe size.  Again – not a good fit.  Also you are usually going to see only one type of support.  Yet one support will not meet the needs of everyone.  The people who take your call for a catalog or internet order are not trained to assess your life style, recreational preferences, body type, or age.  They are trained to get your credit card information.  You get what they have – not what you need.   

Will your arch supports fit in all my footwear?

Our arch supports will fit in most shoes but keep in mind that shoe manufacturers develop their own models (known as lasts) to manufacture shoes. Consequently, there are no standard shoe sizes. If you are used to wearing a size 9 in a particular shoe, you might need a 9 1/2 or an 8 1/2 in a similar style by another manufacturer; you might also wear a larger or wider shoe in winter than in summer, to accommodate heavier socks or stockings.