About our products...


Product Highlights

Our arch supports are biomechanically designed to position the bones, ligaments, muscles and tendons of the foot and properly align the body using a unique shape and design that has many advantages.

The waffle shaped indentations on the bottom of the device provide structural support and combined with a vented surface, creates a vacuum in the square cavities allowing air to circulate around the plantar surface of the foot. This feature creates a comfortable environment for the wearer even during temperature extremes.

The high metatarsal rise provides support to the forefoot, essential for proper structural alignment of the foot. The sides and bottoms are contoured based on the standards most shoe manufacturers use, allowing the device to be worn in most types of footwear.

The device is constructed to be lightweight, very flexible and virtually unbreakable.

Design Elements:


The metatarsal rise and convex shape supports all four arches of the foot better than some of the more expensive, custom-made orthotics.


The material has been selected to be both strong enough to support the body, and flexible enough to provide a healthful massaging action during walking.

bullet A waffle design on the base of the support provides strength and the holes within the design allows for ventilation of the plantar surface of the foot.

A few things you should know before purchasing an arch support


One size does not fit all.  This is especially true with arch supports.  Shoe size and arch size are not the same thing.  Toes can be long or short I might have a long arch and short toes while you have a short arch and long toes.  We would both wear the same shoe size but not the same arch support size.  Because size is so important, our arch support sizes are more precise than shoe sizes.


The more support you have the more critical it is to have the correct size arch support.  When the metatarsal rise is in the wrong place it can be uncomfortable and will be ineffective.     


How much support do you need?  The support and level of firmness you need will vary with your body type, life style, and age. 

The dealers and staff who sell our products are trained to consider life style, body type, age and other factors when suggesting a product.  They are also trained to properly size and fit our arch supports, thus helping you get the results you need.